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SafeNAV represents Safe Navigation. It is a location-based service, which provides fleet operators with real-time location information and alerts for managing their fleet operations effectively and efficiently. Historical data analytics can help make decisions to optimize operations.

Our fleet management solutions help you track vehicles on duty, driver performance, fuel consumption and real-time route monitoring, through a secure and user-friendly web/mobile interface. With our reliable services, you can focus on your core business requirements and be well on the journey of increased productivity and profitability.


  • Real-time tracking of vehicles including speed monitoring, distance travelled, etc. on web/mobile interface
  • Real-time alerts such as route deviation alerts and analytics through a secured portal and map view
  • The plug-n-play solution for hired vehicles using the power source from a pre-fitted cigarette, lighter, charger socket for tracking devices
  • Fuel consumption monitoring, reports on insurance, and service alerts
  • Flexibility to create multiple sub-users with multiple viewing rights

Business Advantages

  • End-to-end service including device, application and connectivity, means greater accountability and lower cost of ownership
  • Access to scalable and future-proof services means you need not invest upfront
  • Quick and seamless deployment helps you get started at the earliest
  • With SMS and email alerts, you can monitor and manage your business effectively


Never lose track of your business valuables in transit


Real-time visibility of your mobile workforce

ERP Solutions:

We provide cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning Softwares catering the needs of all the industries, including schools, colleges, SMEs, all industries, software companies etc.


A Desktop Ticker is a narrow window of scrolling text displayed at the bottom or top of a computer and/or any display screen. The short and snappy format is ideal for conveying bite-size chunks of information, for signposting and hyperlinking to a more detailed content within its headlines. Also known as scrolling feed, a Ticker allows the reader to scan headlines or any other desired information while working with other applications.

An internal desktop news and/or performance ticker pushes important news and updates to employees, without them having to stop what they are doing. This gives them the latest, most accurate information on-the-spot without having to exit out of any application and therefore lose valuable productivity.